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 About & Rules.

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PostSubject: About & Rules.   Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:06 am

What is this site ?

Our forum is unofficial TC fan site. Our aim is to let players know some information admins try to hide. However nothing can be hidden Smile
We post info about next boat ASAP (2-3 mins after day is over). We post brand new topics from "crew only" sections. We post contact info of all admins (you can see them on front page). We welcome all TC players and ex. players to join us Smile And we do NOT welcome TC crew members here.

Forum actually was run at autumn 2006, but it was closed once. Admins talked to me in good way and we made deal, after which i closed the forum. Actually the reason of creating the forum was permban of user mutagen in TC.

There are few sections in our forum.
- News. Here you get fresh news about our site and TC.
- Crew section. In this section u can find brand new topics of TC Crew hidden forums. It's 99% equal to real crew section
- Hall of fame. All polls, discussions, comments on best topics of Crew Section are to be put there.
- Comments. YOUR comments and opinions about Crew Section and our lovely TC Crew.
- Support. There you may ask any questions about game itself.
- Feedback. Any suggestions or complaints or questions are welcome at feedback Smile
- Boat Info. There you can find fresh information about coming boats.
- Off Topic. Anything else, that doesnt fit other sections.

Rules :

1. You are NOT allowed to be zed or memox. Punishment - permament ban.
2. You are NOT allowed to spread race hate.
3. You are allowed to insult any kind of religion here.
4. You are allowed to insult other users (not admins).
5. You are NOT allowed to ask who admin0 is.
6. You are NOT allowed to flood or spam.
7. You are allowed to shut the fuck up and get your ass out of here, if you don't like any of these rules.

That's all, folks! Enjoy!
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About & Rules.
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