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 Crew mission and members

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PostSubject: Crew mission and members   Mon Oct 23, 2006 11:05 am

Leader: Kirk
Skype: kirk_TC
ICQ: 300-308-586

CL Mission:
All tickets should be answered within 24 hours. Find good ways of working for the crew and keep up the crew spirit.

Crew Mission:
Help players with problems, report bugs and problems to DPG. Document the game and create manuals on different languages. Work preventive with tickets (find out why people are asking X or Y and see to it that reason is fixed).



TC nick: pOeTaZ
Msn mail:
ICQ: 270-105-547
Skype: pedro_poeta

Nick: EvilSheridan
ICQ: 341-196-068
Yahoo!Messenger: sheridan_aragorn


TC Nick: Frazer2k4
Msn Mail:
Skype: Frazer2k4

English Department - Frazer2k4 (All members should answer)
Credits Department - memox
Polish Department - Cypis (Orion, Wendyy, Thorrief also have account so they could answer as well)
Portuguese Department - pOeTaZ, HopeGirl, LeafaR
Swedish Department - Zed7, memox
Arabic Department - PDA2K, UltranSa3ek
Romanian Department - EvilSheridan, ReNNuX, DarkSmokey, me
Business and Advertising - memox, Zed7
Translations - memox
Feedback and Suggestions - memox, Zed7
Police Department - Thorrief, UltranSa3ek, Orion

Here are some guidelines every member should have in mind.

- Be nice when answering a ticket, people are customers and deserve to be treated correct and polite.
- Answer to your department aswell as in the English department.
- Do not answer in credits, business, translations, feedback section let the admins handle those departments.
- Try to be active and visit the support often cuz there is need for quick answer.
- Every major problem or other kind of conflict should be discussed and reported to the Crew Leader.

- Moderate all the supports in all the languages you know.
- Be nice and don't fight back especially to SWAT members.
- Report to Crew Leader any problem you encounter.
- Do not use the forum to resolve conflicts that might appear between you(members).
- Discuss with me every conflict between you.
- When from a reason or another you need to go for a couple of days announce here so we should all know - there is no problem
- When the Leader is not online contact other admins if you encounter a problem.

That's pretty much it.....i will edit if i will have other things to add.

[Posted: 23 Aug 2006 18:43]
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Crew mission and members
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