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 How to Recoginse cheaters

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PostSubject: How to Recoginse cheaters   Sun Oct 22, 2006 8:07 am

hello here you go know some tricks to catch multies and cheaters

Specially in forums

$ A topic that was just made and just answered by others too, check ip , you may find same ip for postings

$ Same or simmilar topic by another account , check ip's

$ inversed names, or simmilar names (yes sometimes they are that stupied) with numbers for example: i found in the game ranks like this


checked it was the same player then there was more intersting


all 4 users where for the same player , and even more with the same move

$ In Square, check accounts which talk , sometimes same talks or simmilar , or talking for or against the same thing , same emails written , or same d.o.b , or posts in the gb

if you find anything like this report to us to check it, these were the most repeated things that happens alot in crims, and easily catch cheaters

btw: they will claim that its a lan , or a friend then they tell you it was my brother or sister , or even son and daughter ---> Mostly it be BS

my dog plays the game

anyway have your eyes open of such ppl , alot got be discovered by simple ways

Best Regards,
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[Posted: 06 Jul 2006]
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How to Recoginse cheaters
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